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Lessons From Little Humans

January 18, 2016

My two kids couldn’t be more different, and I continue to learn from them and through them on a regular basis.

Taya has a really witty sense of humour, has such creativeness, and a love of drama, dance and singing.

Jay is doing so well in tennis, and I admire his continued success at school- particularly his ability to continually learn.

I regularly see something in both of them that’s a mirror of myself, mostly good but sometimes the not so good, so I have to be careful to manage my ways!

At 45 years of age, I find I’m learning more now about myself, business, relationships, my kids, and life in general than I ever have before. It’s like when my kids were 2 years old, and they asked why so much that sometimes I found myself pausing and trying to articulate the right answer – and yet the why’s just kept coming!

Today I find myself doing the same thing more and more, asking questions and trying to understand the why in a lot of things that I’m doing or experiencing.

Taya has the ability to sit for hours; playing, drawing and creating things through her craft. When I get the chance to sit and do it with her, I end up getting so much enjoyment out of it. I find I can stop my brain thinking about everything going on in life and can just focus on the one task. She and I get so much out of that quality time and she doesn’t even realise that yet, but geez, I do on so many levels. It’s just one little activity but with so many benefits.

And with Jaylan on the other hand – together we are having such an enjoyable journey with his tennis. These days he and I spend a lot of time away from home at tennis tournaments both locally and afar. The one on one time with him is very similar to the experience I’m having with Taya. We get time away from the things we would normally be doing on the weekend.

Life all of a sudden got really busy with my kids growing up so fast. Me and Jay have long chats about everything and anything, there is a lot of tennis in there but he is learning and experiencing a lot of life’s lessons on that tennis court and I’m watching him grow up very fast, particularly in the last six months.

The emotions from winning and losing.

Working out quickly his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.

Trying to get over the nerves and pressure of playing against seeded players and players he has never played before.

His confidence on and off the court has grown so much recently, and I’m so proud of him. We are turning the discussions around the losses into learning discussions, and I’m learning so much from him through the experience.

So what am I really saying?

I’m really enjoying my kids growing up, making the effort to spend time one on one with them. They get so much out of it and I’m right there with them, getting just as much out of it in return.

Life is a real journey and if you can experience more and more with them, then the learning, the relationship and bond will be so much better for it.

I love them both very much for the little humans they are becoming.

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The Short Story of The Surfing Accountant

May 31, 2015

It feels like I’ve been surfing for as long as I can remember, even though I didn’t actually start until I was 11. Born and raised in Woolgoolga – or Woopi as the locals know it – my first real surfing memory there is at Main Beach on a red-bottomed single fin surf board. I had to ride my bike down the big hill and then push it back up – not easy when you’re small and carrying a surfboard!

By the age of 13 I was surfing competitively & I won a Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain School Surfing Scholarship just before I turned seventeen. I spent the next three years on the local surf circuit, surfing my way into many finals including first place in the Open Mullaway Surf Classic in 1987!

Throughout my early surfing days I was sponsored by Hot Tuna, Prana Surfboards and Blue Lines Surf Centre, and couldn’t imagine doing much else with my life. However, I was always good at maths at school and when it came to the time to apply for university, accounting was my first choice.

I still surfed as much as I could when I was at uni, and in January 1991, I got my first job as an assistant accountant in an abattoir (nice) in Grafton NSW. Life got pretty busy for a while; I started my own business, and in 2003 Jaylan my son was born. With so many other priorities, surfing just took a back seat, and I stopped – probably without even realising it.

Fast forward about nine years, and a new client came into my accounting office on the Gold Coast. We were having a good chat about life, and surfing came up. I said “Oh, I used to surf” and they said, what do you mean you used to surf?!

One weekend they invited me out for a surf, so I ended up getting my boards out, cleaned one up and got out there amongst the waves. It was like I’d never stopped! I have surfed every week since without fail – huge thanks to my now friends Nam & Devo from Equalize Training Company for getting me back out there.

One of my favourite surfing memories (as a grown up!) is at the Maldives last year, surfing barrelling left-handers for over 4 hours, it was just epic! I want to go back there again soon, it’s the trip of a lifetime but hopefully not just once in my lifetime!

The best thing about being an accountant is seeing clients grow both with their business and personally. When I’m involved in that process it’s very rewarding, and so many of my clients have become good friends. It helps that most of them surf too – I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence or if it’s just how it’s ended up!

I get a real connection with the water and the waves; I just love sitting out there on my board, it recharges by batteries and I get this sense of total freedom. It really helps me to stay balanced and deal with pressures of life and running a business. So, you could say that surfing is now vital to the success of my accounting career – and for that I’m pretty grateful.


Journey to the Gold Coast Marathon 2015

May 3, 2015
half marathon

In late January I was doing some running training with my son and Ross Kingsley, who said “You should come and have a run with the RK Pod; it’s a good group of people! We’re training for the half marathon and of course the full marathon; 42.2kms”

I said,

Far out. That’s a really long way!

But here I am, 3½ months later, and I ran that distance last weekend. We have seven weeks to go until the GC Marathon in July and my goal is to finish it in under 4 hours.

Now, I have done two half-marathons before, both with really poor training (if any at all!). I finished them both in well over 2 hours. Four weeks ago I raced in the GC Bulletin Half Marathon and finished in 1 hour 46 minutes; the training is really paying off.

The camaraderie in the running group is the best part. There’s so much support and encouragement amongst everyone, you just feel so inspired by everyone around you. It’s good that we all get on though – we’re putting in some big distances together now so that’s a fair bit of time we spend together!

The hardest thing about the training is, the training! I wont say any of it is easy. The weekend runs of 35 km have been tough, but my fitness is coming along nicely now. We had been running over 40km a week, which has just jumped up to 55 km. I get up at 3am or 4am at least three times a week to get the runs in before work start at 7 o’clock – it’s bloody cold when you start pounding the pavement at that time in the morning so you have to really want to do it!

I struggled initially with a few injuries, so I backed off and had to just slowly build the distance each week. I went a little too hard at the start – not unusual for me! Stretching and rolling are things I have to do on a daily basis to manage the legs, and learning to look after yourself in this way pre and post running is just as important as the runs themselves.

The actual race is always tough. Last weekend I went out too fast for the first three quarters and then really struggled for the last quarter, so I’ve been really working on my pace setting and strategy.

All this training is in preparation for the GC Airport Marathon on 6th July. I want to complete the 42.2km in under 4 hours. That’s about 5.30 minutes per kilometre – which I think is totally possible!

I’ll keep you posted…