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May 2016


Wham, BAM! A Brand New Venture…

May 18, 2016
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It’s been a long time coming, but I’m really pleased that we have finally launched our exciting new venture – Bricks & Mortar Super (BAM)

Managing your super fund on your own can be overwhelming—not to mention ineffective. Every day, I see people who have missed out on the benefits of buying property within their super fund for far too long, and its usually because they think they don’t have enough in their super, it’s too difficult, or they don’t know enough about it.

Or, I meet people who have tried to get things set up on their own, and they’ve lost faith, or money, or both – because there’s so much admin and so many considerations they needed to wade through just to get it all going.

At Bricks & Mortar we take care of all the red tape that comes with trying to sort out your SMSF, and you immediately get access to our team of experts who can advise you on the smartest investment strategies. This means you can construct a solid financial plan, take control of your money, and build the wealth you will need to fund your retirement, all under the guidance of people who really want to help.


BAM has been built in a really flexible way, allowing us to bring you a collaboration of some of the best in the business! As founding partners, Aletia & I are the ‘front men’ who most of our clients will see to get started.

Working alongside us we have Risk & Insurance Specialists, a Property Expert, Finance Brokers, a Funds Manager and a Trading Expert. All highly successful business owners or senior managers in their own right, these guys have partnered with us to bring you advice and opportunity wherever possible. All of us share the same common goal under the Bricks & Mortar umbrella – helping you build a really strong financial future.

Bricks & Mortar was formed because I saw there was huge value in bringing together SMSF and property; we just had to find the best way to present it. Aletia & I found that people wanted specialist advice regarding property inside super, and we realised that if we included other asset classes and insurance expertise we could present all possible options for maximising returns and controlling risk; the ultimate financial goal.


So today is all about thinking a little differently about your future. We’re live and ready to start a conversation with you about what you need – so take the plunge and book us in for a coffee (any excuse!), and we’ll get the ball rolling on your possibilities.


For more information about Bricks & Mortar Super head to our great new website!